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This 6-week course will provide a progression though the essential areas of mindful attention and investigation, including breath, body, feeling tone, emotion, thought, and open awareness.  The course is taught by Christine Lustik, PhD and requires registration for attendance. The purpose of this class is to teach the participants the concepts of Mindfulness and to support them in integrating a mindfulness practice into their daily lives.  If they choose to do so, this daily practice will benefit the health and daily stress level of the participants and improve their interactions with self, family, and peers.


Mindfulness is a contemplative practice that supports our ability to be present in each moment with curiosity and kindness. Research is showing that the practice of Mindfulness can support recovery from many challenges such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and stress of all levels; helping us stay more focused and balanced!

Christine is a certified Mindfulness teacher with almost two decades of personal practice.  She has 5 years of Mindfulness teaching experience and is a certified Mindfulness teacher having completed the teacher training program from the Mindfulness Training Institute.  She is also a certified teacher in the Mindfulness in Nature program, Awake in the Wild.

Class Notes: 

·     This is a 6 week class that builds each week.  Please commit to the whole class.  If you are going to miss a class for already planned travel or other commitments, that's not a big deal, but missing more than 2 classes will lessen what you take away from the course.

·     This class will be very experiential, we will do 2-3 meditation and other Mindfulness practices in every class.

·     You will be provided with guided meditations and other resources to support your learning and practice throughout the course.

Have questions about Introductory Training in Mindfulness? If you have logistic class questions please contact the Missoula Public Library.  If you have questions about Mindfulness and course content, please contact Christine Lustik. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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Classes are from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and begin Monday, February 26 running each Monday through April 02.