Room to Learn

Your library helps young people develop lifelong learning skills. But MPL’s youth services wing is far too small for a full range of early literacy programs. Outdated conditions hamper interactive education.

Room To Share

Many Missoulians depend on their library for computer access, digital literacy, and e-resources. But today’s connectivity and networking is limited by a building designed in an era when no one used computers.

Room To Grow

Missoula Public Library loans more than a million items to 60,000 cardholders each year. The library is one-third the size it should be for this population — and for the level of service expected by our community.

(re)Making history

Missoula's central library was built in 1974.

Nixon was president. Woodward and Bernstein, Rose Kennedy, and Peter Benchley’s Jaws were on the New York Times bestseller list. Personal computer use was a sci-fi fantasy. Missoula County’s population was 62,000. Today, your public library operates in a building that was not designed for Montana's demographic shifts, the evolving role of public libraries in our culture, or the 21st century needs of this community.

Community support

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