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CLOSED FOR SUMMER -Please visit this page in August for an update

During this weekly ONLINE class, local artist Robert Peltzer will help you practice and develop the skills and techniques necessary to enjoy and succeed at watercolor painting. New painting lessons and assignments are posted every Friday. As assignments are submitted via the internet, feedback and support is provided. This class is open to adults ages 18 and older. For questions, e-mail Robert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



You made it!  

You made it! 

You completed another year of watercolor painting!

Yey! (clap!-clap!-clap!)



TODAY WILL BE OUR -LAST CLASS- THIS SUMMER. Starting Monday the 20th of July all library services will cease so that the move to our new library can begin. No opening date for our new library has been set at this time. 




THE FINAL EXAM was to find a scene and paint it using only pointillism and to bring a favorite dish for our last day of class feast. OK, get your forks and spoons and lets enjoy some delicious food as we see how many 'A's we have this week -Hmm? -Yum!






DOT, thank for bringing the delicious smoked fish to our last day feast!




VALERIE, thank you for bringing the awesome fruit bowls!




DIANNE, Thank you for the delicious home made bread loaves!




DENISE, wow look at that delicious braised corn!




DIANNE2, thank you for bringing the delicious spit roasted meats!




LINDA, thank you for bringing the assorted chip bowls!




MONTE, thank you for all the refreshing cold drinks!




GENIE, thank you for the delicious broiled chickens!




INGRID, brought the beautiful vegetable bowls -thank you!




SUE, Thank you for bringing the delicious fresh sea food platters!




DORI, Thank you for bringing the tasty braised vegetables!




MARY, thank you for bringing bunches of cookie treats!




MYRT, thank you for the creative pudding bowl treats!




KAREN, thank you for bringing the colorful ice cream cups!




RUTHIE, Thank you for bringing 5 chocolate cakes!




LINN, thank you for bringing the delectable ice cream treats!





MARY K., thank you for the tempting raspberry treats!





SUZANNE, thank you for bringing the blue berry cheese cakes!





KATHLEEN, thank you for bringing the assorted pies!



Wow! what a great show and feast everybody!


OK, put down your forks and spoons for just a minute for some important news: 

Dot Harris would like you to know that her watercolor plein-air painting group continues to meet. "On Tuesday, July 21st, 4:00–6:00 pm, we will meet at the Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation parking lot to paint. Any painter who wants to join us can meet us there or text Dot Harris, 715-214-8077 We wear masks and social distance.  

Here are 3 works they painted last week at Council Groves: 



Eat some more because it is almost time to start GRADUATION... 


(Class President Dori speaks) "Denise, thank you for playing soothing music during our show and feast. Class! class! bring you deserts and have a seat, it's time to begin our 2020 graduation"




"Thank you for your attention, now some words from your teacher"


(Robert) "Thank you everyone for the fine show and feast, thank you for another year of hard work and practice. I am looking forward to welcoming you next semester to a brand new facility -you have earned it" I love you all very much and now it's my pleasure to hand out diplomas and final grades"

(President Dori) "Would you please rise and walk up on stage as your name is called thank you"


"MONTE TURNER -please come forward. Monte has earned the following diploma" (class erupts) YEY! Monte (clap!-clap!-clap!)






(Robert) "wait a minute! wait a minte! who am I kidding!? this is an embarrassing waste of time! The truth is, well... I have to inform you that everyone here today received an 'F' "

"Everyone here has failed! Sorry, everyone will be required to repeat this class again in the Fall" 

"If you read Monte's diploma carefully, you will see that even Monte will be required to repeat the class" 



HOMEWORK (due the 1st class of Fall)  Paint and bring one masterpiece, so that we have something to view on our starting day. 

Have a good break everyone!  laughing   -Robert