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    Harp Music

    Cozy up with an introduction to the folk harp with local harpist, Janice Mineer. Janice plays and teaches the lever harp, and loves sharing its history, traditions, and music.

    Wrap Yourself in the Warmth of Harp Music

    History, Stories, Enchanting Melodies

    Join us as Janice Mineer provides a basic introduction to folk harp music and history and plays us a few songs.

    A Special Thanks to our Presenter:

    As a performer and teacher of the lever harp, Janice enjoys bringing smiles and often times a fond tear to the eyes of her listeners. She has brought the lovely sounds of the harp to weddings, banquets and festivals. Featuring a broad array of musical selections from Celtic to pop to classical, she has added a special ambiance to these events. Her music has been heard at elegant holiday parties and weddings of all kinds from grand church weddings to small gatherings in the outdoors. One of her favorite weddings was hiking with her harp down an abrupt cliff to a white sand beach poised on the side of the bank above a rolling river where the bride and groom exchanged vows.


    Janice has played harp for hospice for several years, bringing the peace, beauty and comfort of harp music to patients and their families at the bedside. She enjoys sharing the music that brings back the memories of a lifetime for her patients.


    Janice has taught the harp to all ages for ten years, bringing the joy of the ethereal sound of the instrument to these new players. She takes a targeted approach, tailoring her lessons to the specific interests and abilities of her students.

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