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School Tours at MPL

We are unable to accommodate youth group tours during the summer. We apologize for the inconvenience.

MPL is a culture house of community and cooperation. School groups have access to guided tours with partners on Levels One and Two. Group size is limited to 60 students in one day for the Children’s Department and spectrUM. Group size is limited to 19 at a time for Makerspace tours and 10 at a time for MCAT tours. Larger groups may split up and rotate between spaces. Tour dates fill up fast. Please plan ahead. Read tour descriptions below

Available Hours

Use the table below to help you choose a time to tour the library. SpectrUM and MCAT tours can still be scheduled directly through those organizations using the form below.


For MakerSpace available hours, please contact .


For MCAT available hours, please contact them directly at

Organization Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Children's Department 12-3pm
12-3pm 12-3pm 12-3pm 12-3pm
spectrUM Closed 10-6pm 10-6pm 10-6pm 10-6pm

School Tour Request Form

1. Please fill out each step in the form below. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

2. After clicking Submit, please be patient as the form processes. A message will appear if form submission is successful.

3. Keep an eye out for an email response from us over the next few days. We’ll respond as soon as possible. 

School Tour Descriptions

Most tours start in the Imaginarium where we talk about the new library and the responsibility of checking out with a library card. We also often read a picture book or ask trivia questions. This part of the tour is flexible, depending on the age of students and time available.

The second part consists of a tour around the Children’s Department, making various stops to talk about how students can find items they’re looking for. Supervised browsing time is also an option after the tour.  

spectrUM offers two different tiers of tours: unguided and guided.

Unguided tours let students spend time exploring the interactive exhibits in the Discovery Bench on their own.

Guided tours provide educator-guided activities designed to meet Next Generation Science Standards. These tours are 90 minutes and have a cost (with scholarships available). Visit the spectrUM website for more information.

Tour all MCAT’s facilities including the studio, the podcast room, the Community Radio Station and all the items like cameras and sound recorders available. Groups are limited to 10 or fewer at a time. For more info, contact MCAT staff at .

During Makerspace tours, students will have a chance to see our laser engraver, vinyl cutter, 3D printers, and sewing machines in action. Students will then be divided into groups and will work on a creative project using one of these machines. For groups larger than 19 you will need to split up your class and rotate students through. For more info, contact

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