While our doors are closed, some resources and services are not available. Questions? Chat below or give us a call at 721-2665.

In-Library Services

Passport applications, notary public, research help, and much more. Our librarians help you get it done.

Need a Passport?

We’re a U.S. Passport Acceptance Facility. Speak with one of our certified passport agents to learn more about this service and to schedule an appointment to submit an application

To Apply:

Visit the U.S. Department of State’s website to view requirements and print applications (print single-sided only). Or speak with a passport agent at the library.

You must apply in person, including minors.

Appointments are strongly recommended.

More Reference Services

Notary Public

MPL offers free notarization services to the general public. If you need a notarization, visit Level Three of the library or call (406)721-BOOK (2665).

Exam Proctoring

We're qualified to proctor or administer exams for students taking distance learning courses. There is no charge. Call (406)721-BOOK (2665) and ask for a reference librarian.
Reservations are encouraged.

Genealogical Research

We can assist you with your research into family history, Montana history, and more! For one-on-one service, visit us on Level Three of the library.

Technology Help

Have questions about technology?  We can help you:

Our Web-on-Wheels bus offers in-depth technology help with computers, phones, and tablets. Call us or text "OK" to (406)541-8400.

  1. Type in search inquiry.
  2. Choose “catalog” or “website” from dropdown menu before clicking “search.”