View the writing contest winners below. A big congratulations to them all!

2021 Writing Contest Winners

Category Place Winner From
8-10 Fiction 1st Achillea Droughton Stevensville
2nd Lizzy Steadman Dillon
3rd Sawyer Gee Missoula
8-10 Poetry 1st Achillea Droughton Stevensville
11-14 Fiction 1st Summer Tegeder Missoula
2nd Will Hansen Missoula
3rd Ellie Lopuch Missoula
11-14 Nonfiction 1st Andrin Reimers Missoula
2nd Lucy Reed Missoula
3rd Jayne Kulina Missoula
11-14 Poetry 1st Gretchen A. Morgan Missoula
2nd Zachary Baldwin Missoula
3rd Lucille Grace Savage Quackenbush Missoula
15-18 Fiction 1st J. Winter Baigent Missoula
2nd Sam Smith Huson
3rd Andrew Sanford St. Regis
15-18 Non-fiction 1st Abbey Rhoderick Missoula
2nd Clara Kyrouac Seeley Lake
3rd Chelsea DeMyer Missoula
15-18 Poetry 1st Alexis Cooney Missoula
2nd Ashley Kim Missoula
3rd Sam Smith Huson
19+ Fiction 1st David Francis Curran Drummond
2nd Apollo Uhlenbruck Missoula
3rd Linda Holtom Missoula
19+ Non-fiction 1st Melissa Espinoza Missoula
2nd Stephanie Hohn Missoula
3rd Shannon Knotts Missoula
19+ Poetry 1st Tina Reinicke Alberton
2nd Renee LaMie Missoula
3rd Erin Fitzgerald Missoula

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