Submissions have been judged and the winners notified. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest this year. 

2022 Writing Contest Winners

Category Place Winner Title
8-10 Fiction 1st Zipei Liu My Adventure to the Past
2nd Kale Cowan Frosty and His Friends
3rd Achillea Droughton Summer Safari
8-10 Poetry 1st Laurel Franchell This Is Me
2nd Achillea Droughton The World Awakening
3rd Zipei Liu O, Where Is Mom
8-10 Nonfiction 1st Laura Franchell Ground Control
11-14 Fiction 1st Ariana Roberts Colorless Jewel
2nd Stella Lipson The Stampede
3rd Sylvie Semanoff On the Boat
11-14 Nonfiction 1st Ariana Roberts Afternoon Daydream
2nd Anara Kyrouac Abortion w/in the LGBTQIA+ Community
3rd Benjamin Reed Seventy Years Ago
11-14 Poetry 1st Keira Kujawa Rising
2nd Makenna Monroe Dolls
3rd Emelia Berg Everything I Am
15-18 Fiction 1st Sam Smith Sam
2nd Faith You Smile
3rd Chelsea DeMyer Coby & Kade's Guide To...
15-18 Non-fiction 1st Faith You My Life Captured
2nd Clara Kyrouac Coronovirus Is More Than a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated
15-18 Poetry 1st Sam Smith Come Home
2nd Faith You Silence Doesn't Exist
3rd Sydny McGrath City of Clouds
19+ Fiction 1st Dana Grant A Certain Truth
2nd Gracie Schwenk The Surprise
3rd David Curran Infatuation
19+ Non-fiction 1st Gracie Schwenk The Bitterroot Wildflower
2nd Melissa Espinoza Grandma's House
3rd Brooke Tran Creative Space
19+ Poetry 1st Liana Heberson Sail On, Lil' Sailor
2nd Gracie Schwenk The House
3rd Cassandra Rabe 1980 Summer

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