Congratulations to the winners of our 15th Annual Writing Contest! Names and titles are listed below.

2023 Writing Contest Winners

Category Place Winner Title
8-10 Fiction 1st Imogen Graham A Baker's Tale
2nd Tule Droughton The Greatest Refrigerator Disaster Ever
3rd Jackson Lubaroff The Heirloom Game
8-10 Nonfiction 1st Jackson Lubaroff Mental Note of Defeat
8-10 Poetry 1st Pierce Coulter I Am From
2nd Imogen Graham I Saw a Rainbow Today
3rd Tule Droughton Joy
11-14 Fiction 1st Ruby Cline Once
2nd Zetta Snyder My Favorite Twin
3rd Makenna Monroe Nothing More Than a Story
11-14 Nonfiction 1st Liam Graham Alfred Noyes
2nd Nina Rohd Her Last Day
3rd Makenna Monroe The Summer I Grew Up
11-14 Poetry 1st Makenna Monroe She Is Not Pretty
2nd Maysa Dadmun Nothing But Everything
3rd Zachary Baldwin Rainscapes
15-18 Fiction 1st Clara Kyrouac A Trip to the Fair
2nd Ash Arbour Oblivion
3rd Faith You Thai Tea
15-18 Non-fiction 1st Faith You Fear
2nd Anara Kyrouac Healthcare for Transgender People
3rd Clara Kyrouac Stigma and Chronic Illness
15-18 Poetry 1st Ash Arbour You Stole the Lightning
2nd Ella Swanson The Compromise
3rd Eliana Aquilio Where Is He?
19+ Fiction 1st Valerie Hess The Obituary
2nd Emily Lynch Work Life
3rd Brent Baldwin Dead Uncle Jerry
19+ Non-fiction 1st Katie Halloran Family Christmas Letter
2nd Olivia Dzomba Younger Older Sister
3rd Grace Schwenk The West Fork
19+ Poetry 1st Olivia King I Remember
2nd Sam Smith A Dragon's Lullaby
3rd Grace Schwenk Chrandall

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